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A few words about us

We provide high quality advice and expertise on matters related to European telecommunications law and policy, data protection, corporate and regulatory strategy, market regulation, competition, content delivery, cloud computing, business litigation, arbitration, capacity building, training, network and information security. Our experts have built their experience working in or for regulatory authorities, public bodies, international operators and service providers.

Dr. Leonidas Kanellos

International Conferences

Under Dr. Leonidas Kanellos' national mandate as Greek telecoms and postal competition regulator

My Guests

Dr. Hamadoun Toure

Secretary General International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


New regulatory paradigms for fixed and wireless broadband


Mr. Vint Cerf

Vice Chair and Chief Internet Evangelist Google

The protocol IpV6 and the Internet of things

Mr. Stephen Conroy

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Australia


The Australian nationwide Broadband Project - Investing in the future

Mr. Jose Jimenez

Director Public Programs & International Relations, Telefonica


Connected cars: a new revenue generation model for Telcos

Mr. Randall Stephenson

Chairman & CEO AT&T

The Mobile revolution and its market impact: A leading U.S. operator's prespective

Peter Economides

Brand Strategist - Owner/President FelixBNI


Technology and its effect on human behaviour

Our Team

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